Instagram Adds Multi-Choice Quiz Sticker to Stories

You can now be like HQ Triva in your Story.


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Instagram today announced it’s rolling out a new sticker to its Stories platform that will allow users to ask their followers a multi-choice question. The new quiz sticker will allow you to ask a question and provide up to four different answers. This gives you the opportunity to host your own quiz-like game show on your Story, similar to HQ Trivia.

Once your Story ends, you’ll be able to track the statistics behind your quizes and see which answer was the most popular. Overall, I’m sure many regular Instagram users will appreciate the added functionality.

While Instagram didn’t specify, there’s a good chance both iOS and Android users are getting the quiz sticker starting today.


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  1. […] C’est via Twitter que le réseau social Instagram vient d’officialiser une nouvelle fonctionnalité. Ce 23 avril, l’entreprise a présenté un nouveau sticker pour les stories. Nommé « quiz Â» ou jeu questionnaire en français, ce dernier permet de poser une question à sa communauté avec 4 options de réponses, comme le rapporte The Matridox. […]

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