RED Begins Selling the $1,600 Titanium Hydrogen One

RED Hydrogen One Titanium header

RED, one of the most popular camera companies in the world, tried to make a splash in the smartphone world when it introduced the Hydrogen One, a phone that promised to deliver a futuristic experience with a holographic display and magnetically-connected accessories. Unfortunately, the company couldn’t pull off a good enough phone to have a hits on its hands as many reviewers will tell you. But RED is sticking to its guns and today has made the titanium model of the device available for purchase at $1,595.

I’d like to specify that no one should buy this phone. Not only do you get a poor smartphone in return for your money, you also have to first give RED $1,600. That’s insanity. If you previously pre-ordered a titanium phone, you get it for free since RED felt bad that it got delayed and initially shipped you an aluminum model. But unless you were one of these people, don’t even bother considering it. You’ll regret it.

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