Apple Lowers HomePod Price from $349 to $299


As spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple today lowed the price of its HomePod smart speaker from $349 to $299. That’s a $50 reduction in price, making the speaker a bit more affordable for those who didn’t feel comfortable spending over $300 to talk to Siri on a better speaker than their iPhone’s.

It’s a rare occasion for Apple to lower its prices, but it isn’t uncommon. The company lowered the price of its third-gen Apple TV in 2015 from $99 to $69 before the tvOS-running model debuted. Because of this, it could mean there’s a new HomePod on the horizon, although we haven’t heard much in terms of rumors and speculation.

Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons behind today’s price cut is to sell more HomePods. Apple’s smart speaker has failed to share the same success as Google and Amazon who have much cheaper offerings. Right now, the premium smart speaker market isn’t all that big, as it’s hard to convince customers they need a $350 home assistant over, say, a $50 Echo Dot. If Apple released a cheaper model, they’d claim more of the market, but it’s unclear if the company intends to do so.

The $50 price cut is effective on Apple’s online store in the U.S. and other territories. It’s unclear if this is a permanent price reduction, but we’ll be reaching out to Apple for clarification.

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