Google Releases Android Q Beta 2 with Bubbles and Foldables Support

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Today, Google released the second beta build of Android Q for testing on pixel phones. This comes at an unexpected time as the company released the first beta just a month ago. Typically, the second beta build of any Android update would come in May during I/O, but it looks like Google sped things up this year.

In the new beta, there are plenty of bug fixes and security enhancements when compared to the first build. However, there are a few new features, with one of them being Bubbles.

If you’re familiar with Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads, you’ll instantly recognize what Bubbles are. They’re floating toggles that sit near the bottom of your screen and let you interact with notifications, most notably new messages. However, with Android Q’s implementation of the function, Google says other apps like note-taking and reminder services could utilize Bubbles for better multitasking. It would certainly be a more appealing approach than split-screen multitasking on a phone, but I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out since the feature isn’t confirmed to arrive in the final version of Q.

With the second build of Android Q, Google is also including native support for foldable smartphones. An emulator for developers to test their apps with is also included.

Finally, plenty of smaller changes have also been discovered, including the normalization of screenshots which no longer include the hideous Pixel 3 XL notch cutout like in the first beta. Tweaks to media notifications, how notifications are dismissed, volume settings, and more are also present.

To install the latest Android Q beta, we have specialized guides depending on which Pixel phone you have. Links can be found below.

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