Twitter Adds OLED-Friendly ‘Lights Out’ Mode

Twitter has announced it’s beginning to roll out a user-requested feature that’s been on the minds of many: a darker dark mode. The company’s previous Night Mode darkened the UI, but it didn’t provide true blacks. All it did was give things a deep gray and blue accent. With today’s introduction of Lights Out mode, however, you’ll get true blacks that will be beneficial for those of you with a phone that packs an OLED display.

It’s not exactly clear who Lights Out mode is rolling out to, but I’ve heard that iOS users are starting to see the feature pop up on their phones. Given the fact that Twitter wasn’t specific in its announcement, it’s probably safe to assume that Android users may also spot the addition starting today.

Note that Lights Out mode doesn’t replace Night Mode. Instead, there will be three themes: the standard white mode, a darker mode, and a black mode.