Tesla Drops Mid-Range Model 3 Trim, Delays Price Increase to Wednesday

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A day doesn’t go by, it seems, that Tesla isn’t in the news. Today, the EV manufacturer dropped one of its trims of the Model 3 for no apparent reason. For those wondering, the model in question is the Mid-Range which retailed for $42,900.

It’s unclear why Tesla discontinued the model, but a probable guess has been made. The Mid-Range could travel up to 264 miles per full charge, while the Standard Range model (which now starts at $35,000) is capable of going up to 240 miles per charge with the $37,000 configuration. That’s a difference of just 24 miles and almost $6,000. Because of this, many are assuming Tesla didn’t find any reason in keeping the pricier tier available when you could save six grand and sacrifice an extra trip to the grocery store in the process.

For the record, that extra six grand can now be put toward the Long Range trim which goes for $43,00 and gets you 325 miles per charge. So basically, if you just bought a Mid-Range Model 3, you better hope Tesla lets you return it.

In addition to the Mid-Range’s discontinuation, Tesla says it’s delaying its promised price hike which the company announced last week. Because the company won’t be closing all its stores, it needs to increase the price of each one of its cars (besides the $35,000 Model 3) by three percent. This change was supposed to go into effect at midnight last night, but due to an “unusually high volume” of last-minute orders, Tesla will be delaying the change until Wednesday night at midnight.

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