Google Will Officially Kill Inbox on April 2nd

Google has begun alerting users of the semi-popular yet thoroughly beloved email app, Inbox, that it will be shutting down 15 days from today’s date. If you do the math, that means this experimental email client from the Gmail team will officially be shut down on April 2nd. Coincidentally, this is the same day Google+ will be shut down, although Inbox doesn’t share the same problems as the failed social network. This comes six months after it was originally announced that the app would be retired.

If you’ve been using Inbox up until now, it’s probably for good reason. After all, the app has made waves with its array of smart and handy features that improve your email experience. However, Google hasn’t done the best it can to keep it up to date, and most of the app’s features have begun migrating over to Gmail, eliminating the need for the service. Yes, it was a nice app while it was here, but it’s time to retire it and let Gmail take over.

Until April 2nd, you can download Inbox for iOS and Android from both the App Store and Play Store for free.


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