Fisker Announces New Details About Upcoming $40,000 All-Electric SUV


Fisker, an electric car startup from famed designed Henrik Fisker, today unveiled new details about its upcoming all-electric vehicle that will cost somewhere in the ballpark of $40,000. We don’t have a name for the car yet, but we do have some technical information that’s worth noting.

For starters, Fisker says the vehicle will offer 300 miles of range with its extended range 80 KWh battery. This will place the car head-to-head with the Tesla Model 3 Long Range trim which offers a similar 80.5 KWh battery. Notably, the company won’t be using its Fisker Solid-State batteries which can provide up to 500 miles of range in a quick charge. Rather, those will be saved for the company’s flagship vehicle, the EMotion.

In terms of performance, Fisker says the SUV will come with two motors: one in the front and one in the back. Optional 22-inch wheels and all-wheel drive will be offered as well. Unfortunately, we don’t have any speed estimates or other performance statistics, but the company says more details will be released closer to its launch.

We do have some info on the car’s looks and interior, however. For one, Fisker says the vehicle will come with a small, center high-mounted radar that sits behind glass, replacing the need for a traditional grill that isn’t necessary with an EV. You’ll get a lower body aerodynamic for better curb appeal, and Fisker will use its well-known design language that’s nothing short of handsome and statement-making.

Fisker says the car will have a “spacious” interior, but we don’t have any images or specs to prove it. (In fact, the only image we have is the one you see above.) It will, however, offer a modern aesthetic and high-quality materials, according to the company. They’ll also implement a large heads-up display and its own user interface “that will control some of the latest emerging in-vehicle technologies.” In other words, it doesn’t look like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto will be offered.

As a final tidbit, the company says this car is built to provide a luxurious, all-electric experience for less. “Our team set out on a mission to create an affordable EV that’s more exciting and emotion-stirring than what the market has been offering,” said Henrik Fisker, founder and CEO of Fisker, in a press state. “We’re now excited to be introducing a vehicle that truly reinvents the SUV. At an affordable price point, starting below $40,000, we’re delivering a desirable, luxuriously rugged and green vehicle – complete with unique new experiences and technologies – that’s accessible to people across the USA and the world.”

Fisker says it plans to sell its ~$40,000 electric vehicle directly to consumers. Early deposits will be available closer to production and the ultimate launch of the car.

Oh yeah, the launch. Fisker says it’s aiming to put this mysterious car up for sale in the middle of 2021. That’s a minimum of 27 months away. Between now and then, basically anything could happen. Fisker could change the vehicle slightly, they could redesign the entire machine, or they could even cancel it. And knowing Fisker’s history, these possibilities aren’t exactly off the table.

Right now, Fisker says it’s finalizing the location in the U.S. where it plans to manufacture the car. It’s also working on a “nationwide concierge service model for a superior user and maintenance experience” alongside two other EVs that will complete its mass market portfolio.

Whether this car succeeds or not will depend on consumer demand. If you want something that might be classier than a Tesla, Fisker could be the way to go. In the same breath, if you’re just looking to adopt the EV lifestyle of charging and not fueling up, Henrik’s company could become a considerable option in the near future.

But until we reach, say, the end of 2020, we won’t know for sure if Fisker actually has a chance in the cut-throat race to be the EV company consumers buy from. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if any further developments surface.

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