RIP: Google Allo is Officially Dead

Google Allo header

Yesterday was the last day to use Google’s failed messaging app, Allo. Starting today, users will no longer be able to communicate over the platform. In other words, Allo is officially dead.

Some might argue that Allo had it coming. The app never got the cross-device support it needed to succeed, nor did it receive much attention from Google during its lifespan. Sure, the service included some unique features like integrated Google Assistant support and smart replies, but these features and more are starting to trickle into the company’s other messaging platform, Android Messages, therefore leaving next to no reason for Allo to stick around.

Meanwhile, its video chat-enabled counterpart that was unveiled along side Allo back in 2016, Duo, is thriving. Many companies include it pre-installed on their phones, and it’s quickly becoming a quintessential way for people to stay in touch with family and friends. If only Allo did things right and got the same results…

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