Google, Please Don’t Ruin Screenshots with Android Q

Screenshot_20190313-162720 – Copy

I just installed the Android Q beta on my Pixel 3 XL. I began taking screenshots of new features I’ve spotted. And yet, the new features I’ve spotted aren’t even the features I wanna talk about. It’s the fact that screenshots might get really ugly with this version of Android.

These are a few screenshots I’ve taken so far, and they all include ugly cutouts where the notch and rounded corners are. Previously, we had evened-out screenshots that were rectangular and free of stupid notch cutouts. But now, screenshots might reflect the way your screen looks physically.

Considering the Pixel 3 XL has one of the ugliest screens I’ve ever come across, I’m going to be really disappointed if this feature slips into the final version of Q. So I’ll say it now while we still have plenty of time.

Google, please don’t ruin screenshots with Android Q. Please. I beg you.

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