Microsoft Edge Based on Chrome Leaks in New Screenshots


Early last December, Microsoft officially confirmed it would transition away from its proprietary web standard for the Edge browser and switch to Google’s Chromium platform, the same base as Chrome itself. Since then, we haven’t heard anything regarding the development process of the new browser. Now, though, we’re getting a look at the browser itself thanks to Neowin.

New screenshots have made their way to the web of Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser. As you can see above, the browser appears to be very similar to that of Google Chrome in which you get a similar layout up top and a familiar front page. The browser obviously implements the company’s Bing search engine, but considering the entire app is based on Chrome, I would imagine it’s easy to switch to Google if you want.

We also get a look at the extension support in the new version of Edge thanks to today’s leak. According to Neowin, the new Edge will support both existing Edge extensions and those built for Google Chrome. Because of this, it’s clear how much Microsoft will want users to switch from Chrome when it launches.

In addition, a personalized news feed, a daily-changing backdrop, and cross-device sync will also make their way into the new Edge.

It’s unclear when Microsoft will actually release the Chromium-based version of Edge. The company is currently testing the app with members of its team on both Dev and Canary channels, with new builds coming out every day. With Build 2019 occurring in May, it’s highly possible we’ll get more information about the browser then.

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