Here’s How to Enable Facebook Messenger’s Dark Mode

Facebook Messenger dark mode header

Facebook began rolling out its redesigned version of Messenger a short time ago to a vast majority of users. At the time of introduction, the company said it would also introduce a new dark theme, but it has yet to roll it out to a larger scale. However, the feature can be enabled ahead of its official launch, and here’s how to do so.

Notably, Matt Navarra was first to discover this feature in Messenger. While he only did a demo of the feature on iOS, we can confirm it works on both iOS and Android as the feature is live on both my iPhone XS and Pixel 3 XL.

First things first, you’ll need to open Messenger and visit one of your chat threads. After doing so, begin typing up a message to someone. But instead of using words (who uses words anyway?), you’ll have to send the 🌙 emoji. Again, that’s the 🌙 emoji. No words, no spaces, nothing but a 🌙.

After doing so, nothing will happen. You’ll definitely think you did something wrong. Dear reader, I can assure you, you’re doing everything right. Because after sending the 🌙, you’ll have to tap on it from within your chat thread.

By doing so, Messenger will begin raining 🌙 emojis with smiley faces. Then, the app will let you know you’ve unlocked dark mode. It’ll give you the option to visit settings in order to enable it. Once in settings, simply flick a switch and you’ll notice the entire app go dark.

In my very limited testing, I’ve noticed Messenger’s dark mode to be pretty consistent throughout the app. It’s worth noting that Facebook does alert you the feature isn’t done yet so you might run into some inconsistencies early on. But over time, the bugs should be ironed out.

In addition, some users report that after enabling dark mode, the light mode is still shown. Rebooting their devices seemed to resolve the problem. So if you run into this issue, turning your phone off and on again might work.

What do you think of Facebook Messenger’s new dark interface? Will you be using it?

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