Confirmed: OnePlus 7 Won’t Have Wireless Charging


There isn’t a ton we know about the OnePlus 7 just yet. Other than a few assumed specs and design elements, we only have a couple of vague leaks to base our expectations off of. That being said, the device did receive recognition from OnePlus CES Pete Lau who, at MWC 2019, shared one specific detail about the phone many will find disappointing.

According to Lau (via CNET), the OnePlus 7 won’t ship with wireless charging. The company believes the technology still isn’t up to par to its standards. Specifically, Lau calls wireless charging “inferior” to OnePlus’ wired charging. “OnePlus charging is one of the best.”

Not all hope for the future may be lost, however. While the OnePlus 7 won’t include the feature, Lau did say OnePlus is working on faster wireless charging that could some day ship with its phones. Unfortunately, the technology is causing too many heating issues, but hopefully, the bugs get ironed out soon.

Quite frankly, I think OnePlus should just throw wireless charging in with one of their future phones just for the heck of it. The rest of the industry (including Apple, of all companies) has already adopted the feature, yet OnePlus refuses to include the technology because of speed.

It’s a good reason, don’t get me wrong. After all, many wirelessly-charging phones only charge at 4.5W, whereas wired charging can be done at a whopping 55W as Huawei has shown us. But at least for the meantime, just including a wireless charging coil that can operate at a measly 5W could appease customers.

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