Samsung Might Ditch the Galaxy S Brand in 2020


Samsung might be leaving its now 10-year-old brand behind when the year 2020 arrives. A new report out of Korean publication Yonhap News Agency, Samsung will be ditching the Galaxy S name following the Galaxy S10. Apparently, the S10’s successor won’t carry the S brand name and instead switch to something new.

This change might take place simply because of naming constructs. Samsung has reportedly hired a “marketing expert” of sorts who claims if the company went through with naming future Galaxy smartphones with even larger numbers (e.g. Galaxy S11, Galaxy S12, Galaxy S13), “people may not like” it. So, to fix this, the South Korean tech giant will switch to a new brand.

What that new brand will be called is unclear. The company has been using the Galaxy S name for a decade at this point, so choosing a name entirely different will be a major change that will likely be kept under wraps for a good while. Besides, we’re still a full year away from actually seeing the S10’s successor, and this is the only report we’ve heard that hints at this rumor.

In other words, you’ll want to stay tuned for future developments.

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