Hallelujah: Samsung Will Let You Remap the Bixby Button on the Galaxy S10


Samsung just unveiled the new Galaxy S10 at an event in San Francisco, and now, we’re starting to hear small details about the devices we weren’t aware of previously. But I’m not sure if I’d call this particular detail small. In fact, it’s worthy of a hallelujah.

The Verge was able to confirm with Samsung that starting with the Galaxy S10, users will be able to remap the side-mounted Bixby button to do whatever they want. This means you’ll now be able to reprogram the button to, say, open Google Assistant or the camera app. You can even reprogram the button to do something different when double-tapping it.

This is great for users, obviously. But it’s worth noting the diminishing faith Samsung seems to have in Bixby. By not restricting you to use their own voice assistant, you’re free to use whatever other assistant you want, including the Google Assistant or Alexa. Whether Samsung is finally letting up on Bixby is unclear since the company still intends to release its Bixby-equipped Galaxy Home smart speaker in April.

No matter the case, at least you can now use the button for something actually useful.

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