Samsung’s Ultra-Premium Galaxy S10 Plus with a Ceramic Back Leaks

This thing is gonna cost a pretty penny.



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We pretty much know everything about the upcoming Galaxy S10 family. Now, we’re getting a look at Samsung’s highest-end model.

As leaked by MySmartPrice, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 Plus with a ceramic back has made an appearance on the web. The device will feature a white or black color scheme and feature ceramic on the back instead of glass. It looks basically like the regular S10 Plus, mind you, just with a different material on the back.

The special S10 Plus will also sport higher-end specs under the hood, including 1TB of storage and 12GB of RAM. By far, this will be Samsung’s cream-of-the-crop when it comes to S10 models.

Of course, the phone is expected to be costly. Specifically, the device is rumored to cost as much as $1,500-$1,600. That’s a ridiculous amount of money to drop on a phone. But as always, if you want luxury, you have to choke up more change.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S10 lineup on February 20th. Stay tuned for more as we uncover everything there is to know about the devices.


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