Instagram is Adding IGTV Previews to Your Feed

Instagram IGTV iOS header

Instagram wants IGTV to win. After releasing the app last summer, it’s clear the fan fair and hype around the platform has somewhat died down. This is definitely not what the company wants if it’s gonna compete with YouTube and other long-form video services. So to help grow the app’s user base, the photo sharing platform will now start showing IGTV previews right in your Instagram feed.

As announced on Twitter (ironically), Instagram will now start showing previews of IGTV videos from people you follow in the app. The previews will show up in your main Instagram feed along with all the other photos and videos you see on a daily basis. A link back to the actual video will be embedded in the post.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure which problem this is solving. Obviously, Instagram wants you to use IGTV. But by showing previews to videos from a separate app in another app, things can get cluttered pretty quickly. Sure, this will carry over some users to IGTV without a doubt, but it’ll do so at the cost of clean Instagram experience.

All users of Instagram and IGTV can expect to see these previews starting today.

IGTV preview inside Instagram.

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