Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Buds Will Use the Galaxy S10 to Wirelessly Charge

When Huawei unveiled its Mate 20 Pro, one of the coolest features the company debuted was reverse wireless charging. By flicking a switch, you could place another smartphone on the back of the device and charge it using Qi technology. Now, it looks as though Samsung will be bringing the same feature to its Galaxy S10.

Image: WinFuture

A new press render of the S10 has leaked courtesy of WinFuture which shows off what appear to be Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Buds sitting atop a Galaxy S10. The render doesn’t explicitly state this, but we’re assuming the buds are charging thanks to reverse wireless charging on the S10. I mean, why else would they be sitting on top of a phone?

In the image, we get a glimpse at two different gadgets. The first is obviously the S10 with its triple camera array. then there’s the Galaxy Buds which are expected to also make an appearance during Samsung’s event on February 20th. Not much is known, but they’ll likely be truly wireless buds that will compete with Apple’s AirPods.

For the sake of redundancy, new images of the S10 have also surfaced via SaudiAndroid on Twitter. You can check out those below. Y’know, in case you haven’t already seen the S10.

I’m not sure how much more there is to leak when it comes to the S10. Hopefully, Samsung has some surprises up its sleeve on the 20th. Otherwise, it could be a boring morning.

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