Refurbished Models of Apple’s iPhone X Now Available for $769

A much more reasonable price than the device’s original $999 cost.



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Apple’s refurbished section of its website has always been a wonderland filled with used gadgets that have been restored to like-new condition and sold at much more reasonable prices than what they launched for. The latest entry in the department is the 2017 iPhone X which is sitting at a very reasonable price.

Over on Apple’s website, you can grab a refurbished iPhone X for just $769. That’s $230 less than the phone’s original price of $999. This gets you 64GB of storage. For $899, you get 256GB. I would personally stick with the former, but the latter isn’t a bad deal by any means. Both models are available in Silver and Space Gray.

Despite being released in 2017, the iPhone X is still a great phone. You get a 5.8-inch Super Retina display, a stainless steel and glass design, the A11 Bionic processor which is still a beast, dual 12MP cameras, Face ID, and the latest version of iOS. Quite frankly, if Apple released this phone in 2018, it would still serve as a great flagship device.


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