Apple’s Group FaceTime Bug is Fixed, But No One’s Getting it Until Next Week

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Earlier this week, a serious security bug in Apple’s Group FaceTime feature was discovered which allowed users to call other people and tap into their microphones without the recipient ever realizing it. Now, the company says the bug is being resolved, but a fix isn’t coming until next week.

As reported by MacRumors, Apple is delaying the release of what’s presumably iOS 12.1.4 until next week. The company doesn’t specify why, but one guess is the software simply isn’t ready to roll out. This news goes against the tech giant’s original statement where they said they’d release a bug fix before the week was over.

Interestingly, Apple says Group FaceTime won’t work on iOS 12.1.3 and below moving forward. The company says it will permanently disable the feature on these versions of iOS due to the bug. So if you want to FaceTime with more than one person in the future, be sure to update your phone or tablet.

So far, Apple hasn’t stated if it plans to release an update to macOS Mojave to resolve the bug since it’s currently present in macOS 10.14.3. We’ll update you if we hear anything on this matter.

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