LG Announces February 24th Event to Say ‘Goodbye Touch’

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LG has announced an event the company will be holding during MWC 2019 where it’s expected the LG G8 will make its debut. However, a new teaser video for the event has surfaced which is hinting at hover gestures for some type of new LG device.

In the video, a tagline can be read: “Goodbye touch.” It’s pretty clear this means whatever device LG introduces, you’re not gonna have to physically touch it to control it. Rather, you’ll be able to wave your hand over it for things to work. We’ve seen this functionality on phones in the past like the Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011, but the technology has never exactly succeeded when it comes to devices like these. Hopefully, LG doesn’t meet the same fate since the company isn’t exactly in the position for its mobile division to take a hit this year.

Whatever LG announces on February 24th, we’ll be covering it so stay tuned.

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