Motorola RAZR Might Make a Comeback as a $1,500 Foldable Smartphone

It could also be sold exclusively through Verizon.



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A new report out of The Wall Street Journal claims Motorola’s RAZR phone from back in the day might be returning to the spotlight. The report suggests Lenovo and Motorola are working on a rebooted version of the RAZR, but this time in the form of a foldable phone likely similar to the one Samsung and Royole have shown off recently. The report also says the device could retail for $1,500 which, yes, is a lot of money for a phone.

The original Motorola RAZR was an iconic device for its time. It did a lot of things right when it came to flip phones, and it looks like Lenovo and Moto want the same result but for the foldable phone market. This won’t mark the first time the RAZR brand has made a comeback, however, as in 2012, the Droid RAZR became a thing and served as one of the first devices running Android. Now, it looks like Moto will use the name for a new range of handsets.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what the new RAZR will feature. WSJ doesn’t provide any rumored specs or design ideas, so we’re really flying blind here. The report does say Moto expects to sell around 200,000 units of the device, so the specs and design have to be good enough in order for customers to actually pull the trigger and spend the $1,500 to help the company reach its target. In the same breath, it’ll be sold exclusively through Verizon, so who knows how it’s gonna perform on the market.

WSJ notes the foldable RAZR may be unveiled next month, but it’s currently still in testing phases. As we draw closer to February, we’ll keep you posted on any developments.


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