Instagram Now Lets You Share Photos and Videos with Your Closest Friends

If you’re one to make fun of the hippies across the web, you probably haven’t heard of what young people call “Finstagrams.” As my little sister had to explain to me, a Finstagram is a fake Instagram account a user creates which is set to “private” and only followed by a person’s closest/select group of friends. These exist largely due to the lack of proper private sharing tools within Instagram, but it looks like this is all about to change.

According to an Instagram press release, a new update for the app is beginning to roll out that adds the ability to share photos and videos exclusively with your closest friends. The feature’s literally called “Closest Friends” and lets you create lists of users who you wanna share stuff with.


The feature lives in the Stories section of Instagram where, after taking a photo or video and editing it to your liking, you can share content to one of your Closest Friends lists. Users will be notified they’ve been added to one of your lists by spotting a green badge when viewing your Story. You’ll also see a green ring around their profile picture if they made it onto one of your lists which, by the way, is completely private and can’t be tweaked by anyone (e.g. your friends can’t request to join – you have to manually add them).

By implementing this feature, Instagram acknowledges the growing desire from users for more privacy and intimacy when sharing content with their friends. After all, that’s one of the reasons you can set your profile to private in the first place. With this feature, Instagram should get more personal and more closely resemble competing apps like Facebook and Snapchat.

Both iOS and Android users should start seeing the update in the coming days.