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Daily Archives: October 9, 2018

Google Introduces Slightly-Better Chromecast with Updated Design for $35

Alongside the new Pixel 3, Google Home Hub, Pixel Slate, and wired Pixel Buds, Google today is also introducing an upgraded Chromecast that features a new design and updated internals. The new design opts for a matte finish instead of gloss and includes Google’s G


Google Unveils Wired USB-C Pixel Buds for $30

Google just announced the new Pixel 3 and 3 XL, the Pixel Slate, and the Google Home Hub onstage at the company’s event in New York. However, that doesn’t mean the company didn’t have anything else to share with the world. Over on the company’s

Apple Seeds tvOS 12.1 Beta 3 to Testers

Apple today began rolling out the third beta of tvOS 12.1 for testing on the Apple TV. This comes a week after the second beta was released. Registered beta testers can install the new build by going to the Software Update section of the Settings app and hitting the download button.

Apple Releases Third iOS 12.1 Beta for Testers

After last week’s release of the second build, Apple today released the third build of iOS 12.1 for testing on the iPhone and iPad. Registered beta testers can install the updated build by heading over to Settings > General > Software update. From there, you’ll see the listing for

Here’s How Much the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL Cost

Google just (formally) took the wraps off its new Pixel 3 and 3 XL smartphones. While they’re both great smartphones any buyer would enjoy, what it really comes down to is price since a lot of smartphones nowadays are starting at around $1,000. Luckily, Google

Watch Today’s Google Pixel 3 Event Here

Google is set to take the stage today at an event in New York City where the company’s expected to unveil the new Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Google Home Hub, Pixel Slate, new Chromecast, and more. The event kicks off at 11 a.m. ET/8

OnePlus 6T is Launching November 6th

After unveiling the phone’s initial announcement date, OnePlus has stated it’ll launch the new OnePlus 6T on November 6th. We don’t have pricing information just yet, but we expect it to at least leak out by the end of the month. The OnePlus 6T will

Moto E5 Launches in the US for $99

After unveiling the phone earlier this year in April, Motorola has finally brought the low-end Moto E5 to the United States. The device can be purchased over at Best Buy for a price of $99.99, therefore signifying the device is built for those on strict