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Daily Archives: September 17, 2018

Instagram Makes it Easier to Shop in its App

Instagram is taking further steps today to make shopping in its mobile app easier for users. According to the social media network, it’s adding a new Shopping tab in Explore that lets users see products brands are selling using the existing shopping tools available for


Apple Releases Siri Shortcuts App for iOS 12 Users

Apple has released its Siri Shortcuts app for iOS 12 users today on the App Store. The app coincides with the release of iOS 12 that includes things like grouped notifications, Scree Time management tools, and faster performance. The Shortcuts app replaces Apple-purchased Workflow, an

OnePlus Announces Plans to Make a TV

OnePlus is known for producing some of the finest smartphones on the market all at ultra-competitive price points. The company also makes some pretty stellar accessories such as backpacks, headphones, and more. Now, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau says the company plans to enter the television

Apple iOS 12 Review: Top 5 Features Worth Upgrading For

After announcing the software’s release date last Wednesday, Apple has begun rolling out iOS 12 to millions and millions of iPhone and iPad users. But the question remains: should you install the new software? I’ve been testing iOS 12 since the first beta was released