Google Now Lets You Pause Your YouTube TV Subscription


Google is rolling out a new feature to YouTube TV subscribers that lets them pause their subscription for up to six months. The feature was initially spotted by Android Police and is furthered detailed in the service’s support site.

If you aren’t a subscriber of YouTube TV, you may wonder where the advantage is to pausing your subscription. It’s actually pretty common for users to subscribe to the service when they know there’s something new to watch (such as the World Cup) and cancel their subscription when they’re finished. That way, they don’t have to keep paying $40/month for something they might not use all that often. Now, if users don’t want to keep paying for YouTube TV, they can pause their subscription from four weeks to six months at a time, allowing them to keep saved shows and recorded programming all while not paying each month for it.

To pause your YouTube TV subscription, go to, visit the Settings pane, and select “Pause membership” where you see “YouTube TV membership.”

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