Samsung Might Get Rid of the DeX Dock with the Galaxy Note 9


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There hasn’t been a shortage of rumors surrounding the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 as of late, and guess what? There’s even more to go around.

A fresh report out of WinFuture claims Samsung will do away with the requirement to purchase a special dock in order to use the DeX system with the Note 9. In its place, the company will require users to simply plug in a USB-C to HDMI cable to the ports on their device and monitor to utilize the tool. This is similar to Huawei’s approach with phones like the Mate 10 Pro.

By not requiring a special dock to use DeX, Samsung opens up a lot more flexibility for those who wish to do all their work on their phone. Now, they’ll be able to simply carry around a cable if they wish to use their handset as a desktop computer. Reports also suggest Fortnite will be supported in the new DeX environment for improved gameplay.

The Galaxy Note 9 will debut on August 9th. We’ll likely learn more in the days to come as we draw closer to that date.


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