Deal: Lenovo Smart Display 10-inch On Sale at Costco for $199


Lenovo’s Smart Display might have just launched today, but that isn’t stopping retailers from discounting the device to attract potential buyers. Over at Costco, the 10-inch variant of the smart home hub has already been discounted by $50, bringing the price down to $199. For reference, that’s the same price as the 8-inch model so this deal is a really good value.

For the money, you get a pretty stellar experience in return. I reviewed the Smart Display and gave it a really high rating for being straightforward, easy to use, and an overall convenience day to day. It’s still sitting on my desk as I type this article, and I have a feeling it’ll stay there for a long time to come.

You have to be a member at Costco to get this discount, but if you already meet that prerequisite, you can check out the deal here.

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