Verizon and Sprint Announce Pricing for LG G7 ThinQ

Verizon and Sprint have announced their pricing and availability information for LG’s newest flagship, the G7 ThinQ. This comes a couple of days after T-Mobile unveiled how much it would charge for the G7 on its network. For starters, Sprint says it’ll charge $33/month for a G7 on its network with $0 Continue Reading


Comcast to Outbid Disney in Attempt to Snatch Up Fox Assets

Back in December, Disney announced a multi-billion dollar deal it planned to make with Fox that would see the magical company obtained major entertainment assets such as film and TV studios, movies like X-Men and Deadpool, and even shows such as The Simpsons and The Americans. It was assumed the Walt Disney-founded company would be the only Continue Reading

The HTC U12 Plus is Official with No Notch, Flagship Specs, and Pressure-Sensative Buttons

HTC today announced its new U12 Plus flagship smartphone, the successor to last year’s U11 and U11 Plus. The reason HTC tacked on the “Plus” brand name and didn’t just stick with “U12” was to avoid miscommunication between the company and its customers. In other words, HTC didn’t want people Continue Reading