LG G7 ThinQ Will Cost $750 at T-Mobile


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LG unveiled the G7 ThinQ earlier this month, and we’re now hearing how much the company’s latest flagship will cost. At T-Mobile, the phone will be priced at $30 down and $30/month, or $750. Mind you, this is $30 more than what the Samsung Galaxy S9 costs so it’s interesting to see LG compete at such a level on the market, especially considering the LG G6 from last year started at $650 when it launched.

Preorders for the G7 at T-Mobile start this Friday at 5 AM PT. If you preorder two G7s at the Uncarrier and purchase them both on equipment installment plans (EIPs), you’ll get the second phone free in the form of bill credits over the course of 24 months. The device will formally launch on June 1 and even be available in a Raspberry Rose color scheme exclusive to T-Mobile.


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