Google is Giving Developers a Free 4K HDR Android TV Dongle

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Google is always extremely friendly to developers, and the company’s latest move proves that. At I/O 2018, the company handed out free 4K HDR Android TV-powered dongles to developers to test their apps on. The device, officially known as the ADT-2, serves as a reference device and won’t go on sale for consumers to buy.

Of course, with any mysterious device out of Google, people express a ton of interest. According to Android Police, the gadget uses 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It also uses the¬†AMLogic 905X which can be found in Amazon’s Fire TV 4K dongle and comes with the latest Android P-based Android TV build. Additionally, as our headline implies, it can output up to 4K content in HDR.

While that’s really all we know about the ADT-2 itself, we do know it’ll replace the Nexus Player as the default device developers use to make their apps on. Therefore, if you’re interested in receiving a unit of the dongle, Google is handing some out around the world. You can sign up to potentially receive one here.

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