Google and JBL Built Android TV into an Assistant-Powered Sound Bar


Google’s recently been making efforts to make its Android TV operating system more mainstream, and today’s news aims to make adopting the system a lot easier and simpler.

A day before I/O 2018 has time to kick off, Google and JBL have announced a partnership to deliver a new sound bar that, when plugged into your TV, fires up Android TV. So essentially, instead of having a dedicated Android TV box, you have an Android TV soundbar.


Called the Link Bar, the device aims to provide a central hub for your living room. Not only will it play sound and give you access to Android TV, but it also acts as an always-on Google Assistant speaker, therefore replacing a traditional Google Home, and is compatible with all the necessary Assistant Actions and commands you’ve come to expect. If you’ve always wanted an Assistant-powered speaker that had Android TV in it, today’s your lucky day.

For connectivity, there are four HDMI ports for your various home theater components, a mute switch to turn off the microphone, an audio port, and an Ethernet jack so you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi.

According to the companies, the Link Bar will begin shipping this fall. Neither Google nor JBL have shared pricing just yet, but stay tuned.

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