Google today officially began rolling out the redesign of Gmail they promised a couple of weeks ago. The new user interface is chock full of fresh features that make the service feel more suitable for 2018.

For starters, the entire UI has received a material design makeover. This alone makes Gmail feel more modern. Gone are the drab gray accents as they’re being replaced by brighter colors such as white and the accommodating tones within the Google logo.


New features are also on tap. Starting today, you’ll be able to snooze emails for later viewing. You can also view attachments within emails without scrolling through an entire conversation just to access them, as seen above. And in case you forget to reply to an email, Gmail will now automatically remind you how long ago you received a message and ask if you’d like to reply.


Speaking of which, Smart Replies are also coming to Gmail. We originally saw Smart Reply in Inbox, another interface for Gmail, but they never officially made their way to the original Gmail experience. Starting today, that changes. Now, when you go to reply to a message, Gmail will automatically recommend some responses you could use to reply to a friend or colleague. I’m not sure how many of you will actually use them, but if you already like them, you’ll love what Google’s doing here.


Gmail will also start warning you of potentially dangerous emails such as spam. It’ll display the above prompt on top of the email’s body and you’ll have the option of deleting the message right there on the spot.


Finally, Gmail is also gaining a new confidential mode. By enabling this feature for an outgoing email, your message won’t be able to be forwarded, printed, copied, or downloaded. This means you’ll be able to feel safer when sending potentially confidential details such as social security numbers or your tax returns.


Google is also releasing a couple of features for Gmail on mobile. For starters, the app now includes high-priority notifications that, when enabled, will filter out your emails and only alert you of important messages. The second feature in question will now ask you whether you’d like to unsubscribe from a newsletter from which you haven’t opened any emails. I desperately need this feature for my out-of-control inbox so thank God it’s here.

All of these features are beginning to roll out today to Gmail users and should reach all users over the coming weeks. If you’d like to forcefully enable the new Gmail experience, click the Settings gear at the top right of your inbox and select “Try the new Gmail.”