Apple Might Introduce an iPhone SE 2 Next Month w/ No Headphone Jack and A10 Processor

Earlier this year, it was rumored Apple would introduce a second-generation iPhone SE sometime in March. While Apple did hold an event last month and announce new products, an iPhone SE 2 wasn’t one of them. However, it looks like the company may be gearing up to introduce the device sometime next month.

According to Japanese blog Macotakara who quotes a case maker, the upcoming iPhone SE 2 will make its debut next month and feature an overall design similar to the existing one which replicates the iPhone 5s from nearly five years ago. Interestingly, the report notes we could see a glass back on this generation for Qi wireless charging compatibility, but the blog was unable to rule this possibility out.

What is likely, however, is the inclusion of the A10 processor as featured in the iPhone 7. This is likely to provide better speed for running iOS 12 which will arrive later this year. Additionally, the iPhone SE 2 is said to not include a headphone jack despite clearly having enough room for it. It’s unclear why they’re getting rid of the 3.5mm jack, but I guess Apple has its reasons.

To round things off, we’ll also see the same 4-inch display as what’s already on the iPhone SE alongside NFC for Apple Pay.

With nothing concrete to go by, today’s report remains a sketchy one. Apple isn’t known for releasing phones in May so it’s hard to tell how reliable this rumor is. Still, if we hear anything further on this subject, we’ll let you know.

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