Apple Will Reportedly Launch a Paid News Subscription Service in the Next Year

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A new report out of Bloomberg suggests Apple plans to launch its own news-focused subscription service in the next year. According to the report, the company will integrate Texture, a magazine subscription service that was recently acquired by the tech giant, into its existing News app and offer it as a standalone service you pay monthly for.

Bloomberg says Apple is currently integrating the technology and employees behind Texture into its own News app and team to develop the service. During the acquisition, Bloomberg reports about 20 staff at Texture were cut by Apple so it looks like around 80 people were brought over from the service’s ~100-person team. The report also says an updated Apple News app with the subscription built-in will land within the next year, with a portion of all revenue going to participating publishers.

It’s worth noting Apple is no stranger to buying out services and turning them into subscriptions people actually want to use. Back in 2014, the company bought Beats and the Beats Music service that had less than a million subscribers at the time. Since then, the company has turned the service into Apple Music and currently has over 40 million paid users on the platform. It’s clear the company is looking for the same success story with its upcoming news subscription.

While we don’t know precisely when this service will launch, we do know it’ll land within the next year which indicates Apple may be gearing up to announce it at WWDC 2018 and launch it formally alongside iOS 12 this fall. Of course, this is just a guess so skepticism will remain strong until we hear something official.

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