Xiaomi has announced a brand-new phone aimed at the gaming market. Called the Black Shark, the device packs a ton of high-end specs which puts it up against arguably the largest competitor in the gaming phone market, Razer.


In terms of design, the Black Shark definitely looks cool. It’s got all these neon green accents and a build that screams gamer with curves and ergonomics to fit one’s hand. No question, this design looks a lot better than the Razer Phone which mimics a proper rectangle. Personally, I’d probably opt for this phone over Razer’s offering for this reason alone.

For specs, the Black Shark includes the Snapdragon 845 processor, 6 or 8GB of RAM, and up to 128GB of storage. This is similar to the Razer Phone, but of course, Razer’s device includes a Snapdragon 835 because it wasn’t released in 2018. On the front, there’s a 6-inch 1080p 18:9 display, although it’s unknown if it offers a 120 Hz refresh rate like Razer’s handset. Dual 12MP and 20MP cameras sit on the back.


Considering it’s a gaming phone, the Black Shark has to have a big battery to power everything. Luckily, Xiaomi included a 4,000mAh cell that recharges over USB-C. It’s the same size as the Razer Phone’s so it should be interesting to see who’s phone lasts longer.

Android 8.0 Oreo powers the device which is layered with Xiaomi’s Joy UI. Unfortunately, there’s no headphone jack, but it does come with stereo speakers. There’s also a fingerprint sensor mounted to the front of the device. Additionally, the Black Shark can be used with an accessory that adds a joystick to the side of the device for interacting with different games.


Considering this device packs so much power, you’d imagine it costs a pretty penny. On the contrary, the Black Shark actually costs less than the Razer Phone at ¥2,999 (about $480) and goes up to ¥3,499 (about $560). Meanwhile, the Razer Phone costs $699. Therefore, for anyone looking to pick up a gaming-focused smartphone, it may be worth it to consider what Xiaomi’s offering.