Motorola Introduces its Own Speaker for the Moto Z


Motorola has unveiled its own stereo speaker mod for the existing lineup of Moto Z smartphones, including the Z2 and Z2 Play. Up until now, the only speaker that doubled as a Moto Mod was the JBL SoundBoost. Now, the company has its own first-party offering that’s made out of hard plastic and features a ring-shaped kickstand.

According to the company, the Moto Stereo Speaker can deliver even louder sound, deeper bass, and better clarity than the previous JBL offering. It also doesn’t come with its own battery, instead using the juice inside your phone so you don’t have to worry about charging the Mod itself. The best part about this is it costs less at $59.99. Admittedly, you’re only saving $20 over the JBL variant, but at least you won’t be spending a full $80 for an accessory that only works with one type of smartphone.

You can pick up a Moto Stereo Speaker from Motorola’s website now.

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