Spotify has announced it’s expanding the subscription tier that gets you access to both the music streaming service itself and Hulu for $12.99/month to all users. Previously, the option was available exclusively to students, but backed by popular demand, the option is now available for everyone.

If you aren’t familiar, subscribing to Spotify for $12.99/month will get you a Premium subscription to the music service alongside a subscription to Hulu Limited Commercials. Normally, the Hulu subscription would cost $7.99/month by itself, so you’ll be saving $4.99/month by opting to pay $12.99/month.

For existing Spotify Premium users, you’ll get a three-month subscription to Hulu if you upgrade your plan for an additional $0.99. After that, you’ll start being billed for $12.99/month. Note that this deal is only valid for currently paying Spotify listeners.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Spotify and Hulu for just under $13 a month, click here.