Instagram today announced two new features it’s bringing to its app for iOS and Android. The first addition is a feature called Focus which is basically the platform’s version of the popular portrait mode camera trick we’ve been seeing in smartphones nowadays. It’s accessible via the camera interface to the left of your main feed right next to the Superzoom option.

With the feature, a subject such as a face will remain in focus while the rest of the picture is blurred to emulate a large aperture. Admittedly, the preview Instagram provides doesn’t look all that high quality, but I guess that’s the price you pay for using a free app to mimic a feature that normally requires extra hardware.

However, you will need to have certain devices for the feature to work. Instagram says those with an iPhone SE and above can use the feature and so can users of certain unlisted Android devices. In other words, not everyone will get this feature, at least for now.


The second feature Instagram is introducing today is the inclusion of the @mention sticker on iOS. Now in Stories, you can add the sticker and tag a friend. It looks a lot better than just regular old text and is strikingly similar to the hashtag sticker introduced not too long ago.

Both additions are rolling out now to iOS and Android users as a part of Instagram version 39.