An upcoming smartphone from ZTE looks to take the recent trend of including notches on bezel-less handsets to a new level. According to leaked images of the supposed “Iceberg” via WinFuture, the Chinese company looks to include not one but two cutouts on its upcoming phone that sit at both the top and bottom of the handset’s front side.

Considering we’re all familiar at this point with what one notch houses (earpiece, selfie camera, ambient light sensor), some may wonder why you’d need two notches. According to WinFuture, it’s so ZTE can include front-facing stereo speakers. Of course, it’s unclear how good they’ll sound with this type of implementation, but I guess anything front-facing is good.


The only question will be how ZTE manages both notches. The top notch is probably fine since it usually sits in the center of Android’s notification bar, but the bottom notch may need some special software to make it look seamless with the rest of the phone. My money is on ZTE designing the navigation bar around the notch by placing it somewhere such as right above the notch and blacking out the two bottom corners. Of course, this is all speculation at this point, but there’s plenty of room for guessing.

Rounding things off, the upcoming smartphone appears to have a mainly glass body with odd glass corners, a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, a modular system thanks to pogo pins at the bottom, wireless charging, and dual cameras. It’ll reach main markets such as North America, Europe, and Asia when it lands.