Spotify May Unveil New Hardware for Playing Music in Your Car on April 24th

Spotify is said to unveil a new hardware product during a “news announcement” on April 24th in New York. While the company doesn’t hint at a particular announcement in their media invitation, users are reporting they’re starting to see offers pop up on their phones to subscribe to Spotify’s new $12.99/month plan that gets you a Premium account for streaming music and a sort of clip-on device to play music in your car.


Users on the web and tipsters to websites like The Verge shared screenshots similar to the one seen above. In the photo, a rendering of a device that clips onto your air vent is seen that includes a green ring around its body, a probable display on its front side, and playback controls to the left. It remains unclear if this leak hints at what the company has in store.

Users were also reportedly prompted to subscribe to a second $14.99/month subscription tier that would get them an Amazon Alexa-compatible device that included 4G connectivity for music playback. So either the device seen above is powered by Alexa or Spotify has plans for not one, but two hardware announcements come the 24th.

When asked, Spotify simply said these notifications and prompts are simply “test messages” and the device in question is a test itself. Therefore, the company will likely remain silent for a few more weeks until their event kicks off. As always, we’ll have the latest from the event here on the site so stay tuned.

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