Apple’s Upcoming iPhones Might Come with Hover Gestures

Apple’s always been said to be working on new technologies to build into its lineup of iPhones, and today’s report out of Bloomberg corroborates these rumors.

According to a new report, the company is supposedly working on new hover gestures that would let users control their iPhones without touching the screen. The report mentions something similar to 3D Touch in functionality which could spring forth additional information regarding an app or service when you hover your finger over it. It isn’t yet known when we might see this feature, but it could arrive in the next few years.

Bloomberg also notes Apple is working to curve the iPhone’s display. Using OLED technology, the company might introduce a new device with a screen that gradually curves inward from top to bottom. There’s no reason why this would be implemented in today’s report, but we may learn more as time progresses.

Samsung has done both of these features in the past.


Interestingly, both of these features have been done by a certain manufacturer in the past: Samsung. Back when including everything but the kitchen sink in phones was a thing, Samsung allowed users to control their Galaxy S devices by doing things like waving their hand over the display to scroll. The company also curves the sides of its phones all the time, most recently on the Galaxy S9. Of course, they’ve never done an inverted curved screen before, but considering Apple’s doing it, they may follow suit. After all, Apple’s said to be sourcing most of its OLED technology from the South Korean giant anyway.

Whether either of these features ever gets implemented into a single iPhone remains a mystery, so for now, all we can do is speculate. If it’s worth anything, though, my best guess would be us seeing the curved screen first.


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