The Moto Z3 Play Might Have Dual Cameras and a Glass Back


Motorola is expected to unveil members of its 2018 lineup of smartphones soon, and now leaks are pouring in claiming to show off the devices before they’re initially unveiled. Most notably, the upcoming Moto Z3 Play has been leaked in a set of CAD renders from OnLeaks and KillerFeatures.

In the renders, we get a good look at what the device will supposedly look like on the outside. From what’s visible, we can tell the device will ship with a familiar look to last year’s model and the one previous to that. There’s a pronounced camera bulge near the top of the device to hold Moto Mods in place, and the same can be said about the pin connectors at the bottom.

Speaking of the camera bump, it looks like the Z3 Play will house two sensors inside of it this generation likely for portrait mode effects. We saw this last year on the high-end Moto Z2 Force so seeing the feature trickle down into Moto’s less-expensive offerings makes sense.

As some final tidbits, the back appears to be made of glass based on the reflections of light in the renderings, there’s no headphone jack to be seen (only a USB-C port sits at the bottom), and slimmer bezels seem to be in place to likely accommodate an 18:9 6-inch display without changing the overall form factor of the phone. Of course, by slimming down the bezels, Moto had to move the fingerprint reader to a different location which, at least according to these renderings, is on the right side of the device.

We currently aren’t sure when the Z3 Play or any other Moto phones will debut, but we expect the time to come soon.

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