Snapchat Now Lets You Video Chat with Up to 16 Friends

Snapchat today released an update to its mobile apps that lets users video chat with up to 16 of their friends simultaneously. The feature is similar to standard video chatting in which up to two people can participate, but now, you can add 14 other people to the same conference. Y’know, if you have that many friends.

To start a video chat with that many people, you’ll need to start a video chat from within a group chat. That means in order to enjoy the feature to its full extent, you’ll need to have 16 people in your group chat. Once you hit the video camera icon, all of your friends in the chat thread will be invited to join the call. They can then either accept or decline your invitation.

Not only are mega group chats now a thing, but Snapchat also now lets you start giant voice calls as well. In this regard, up to 32 participants can join in. You start the voice call the same way you would a group video call by being within a group chat.

Finally, Snapchat now lets you mention other users in stories. It works the same way as Instagram in which users will be alerted when you type in their @username when posting a picture or video to your story.

These new features are beginning to roll out to both iOS and Android users now.

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