You Can Now Use Bluetooth Speakers with the Google Home

Google has announced it’s rolling out an update to its various Home smart speakers that make them compatible with your existing collection of Bluetooth speakers. This means that within the Home app on iOS and Android, you’ll be able to pair Bluetooth speakers with your Home, Home Mini, or Home Max to create a louder sound environment and enjoy your music throughout your house.

Now any of your Google Home devices can connect to other Bluetooth speakers so you can control your entertainment experience simply using the sound of your voice. Turn up the beats in the living room, listen to a podcast while you cook or finish a few chapters of your audiobook before bed—even in rooms that don’t have a Google device.

In the Home app, after you pair your speaker, your music, podcast, or whatever audio you choose will automatically play out of your speaker and not the Home itself. If you wanna amplify the sound, you can create a group of speakers paired to your Home and scatter them throughout your house. You can then either play music out of all of them or select one by giving it a name such as “living room.” This allows you to not need a Google Home speaker in every room of your house just to play content.

Overall, the feature should accommodate those who have a ton of Bluetooth speakers nicely. It’s rolling out now to all Google Home users.

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