Google today released the very first developer preview of Wear OS based on Android P. This comes after the first build of Android P for smartphones was released earlier this month.

In Android P for smartwatches, Google includes refinement-focused features that should aid in an overall better experience for those who use the company’s smartwatch platform. For one, there’s a new dark system UI that utilizes a black background to make content easier to see. We saw this feature in a previous update to Android Wear and it’s now migrated to Wear OS.

Google is also limiting background activity. Starting with Android P, your watch will automatically turn its wireless radios off when you aren’t wearing it. Devices will also keep Wi-Fi off even when you aren’t connected to your smartphone over Bluetooth. These new features should aid in providing better battery life and standby time.

Right now, only the Huawei Watch 2 is supporting the Android P developer preview, but more devices will likely be added to the roster in the future. If you’d like to test drive it on your watch, you’ll need to flash the appropriate system image which you can find here.