Apple Announces New ‘Schoolwork’ App and Curriculum for Classrooms

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Coinciding with the unveiling of the new 9.7-inch iPad, Apple today announced a new app called Schoolwork that lets educators deploy daily lessons to students’ iPads and track their progress in the classroom. The company is also introducing its own curriculum that will help integrate subjects like drawing, music, filmmaking, and photography into everyday lesson plans.

“Creativity sparks a deeper level of engagement in students, and we’re excited to help teachers bring out that creativity in the classroom,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “When you combine the power of iPad, the creativity of Apple Pencil, over a million iPad apps in the App Store, the rich curriculum in Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create, and unique Classroom and Schoolwork apps that support students and help schools manage technology in the classroom, we believe we can amplify learning and creativity in a way that only Apple can.”


With Schoolwork, Apple allows you to create assignments, track your students’ progress, and incorporate apps into your study plans. Third-party apps such as Nearpod, Tynker, and Kahoot work with the app out of the gate, with more apps climbing on board in the near future.

Within the app is a feature called Handouts. It lets teachers create and send assignments of any form and function – from PDFs and documents to web links – to their students. They can also directly assign a student to a particular point within an app to learn more about a subject or practice a certain technique. Third-parties will be able to build this functionality into their own apps with the introduction of ClassKit, a framework designed to allow access to Apple’s Schoolwork application.

Think of ClassKit like SiriKit. Instead of developing compatibility for a voice assistant, you develop compatibility for another app that gives users access to certain features. The software should help any educators who are interested in working with Apple’s platforms develop the tools necessary to teach various subjects and skills within a unified ecosystem.

Schoolwork will launch this June.


Apple’s also introducing Everyone Can Create today, its new curriculum that offers a range of resources available for free to teach students about creativity like music, drawing, photography, and filmmaking. It contains student guides, lessons, ideas, and examples to incorporate into a lesson plan and further aid wondering minds with learning new concepts about subjects they express interest in.

Apple says it’ll be teaching Everyone Can Create in its 501 stores in 21 countries as a part of their regular Today at Apple sessions for educators starting later this spring.


As a final note from Apple, its Classroom iPad management system will be coming to the Mac. With the feature, the company allows teachers to manage their students iPads and create profiles on them for multi-user access, launching apps, loading books and web pages, and send/receive documents. The macOS version of the system will be introduced in beta this June.


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