Sketchy Rumor Claims Apple Will Introduce PRODUCT(RED) iPhone X

Apple’s introduced numerous PRODUCT(RED) accessories and devices in the past, and now, a new rumor suggests they’ll continue the tradition with its flagship smartphone. According to an unverified source who spoke to OnLeaks, Apple will unveil a PRODUCT(RED) iPhone X before long. It isn’t clear if they’ll do it tomorrow or not, but for now, it doesn’t seem likely.

A render of the device was leaked as well which you can find below.


Whether Apple plans to give the X a red finish is extremely unclear. This is the first time we’re hearing this rumor and it’s not even coming from a verified source. Of course, Apple did introduce a red iPhone 7 around this time last year, but that was followed by a bunch of chatter surrounding the device before it was unveiled.

That being said, there has been talk regarding a new color for the iPhone X in the past, but this finish is expected to be in gold rather PRODUCT(RED). Still, there’s a small chance we could see a red X in the near future.

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