Microsoft Brings Edge to iPads and Android Tablets with New Update

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Microsoft has begun rolling out a new update to its Edge browser for mobile that includes support for Apple’s iPads and Android tablets. The update was initially previewed with beta users of the app on the iPad and is now beginning to roll out to all users.

With Edge on a tablet, you’re essentially getting a stretched out version of the interface you’d find on a smartphone mixed with what’s available on desktop. A row of tabs sits at the top along with a search bar, back/forward keys, the Favorite button, and the menu button. Of course, you also get things like password syncing with your portable device and Windows 10 PC.

Neither the iPad or Android tablet versions, however, have been updated with any multitasking features like side-by-side with other apps. Therefore, the browser remains pretty basic for the time being. Hopefully, updates down the line will improve this.

You can download Microsoft Edge for iOS here and Android here.


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