Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone X May Start at $899


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A new prediction from RBC’s Amit Daryanani attempts to claim how much Apple’s next generation of iPhones will cost.

According to RBC (via Kif Leswing and 9to5Mac), the next-gen iPhone X with a 5.8-inch OLED screen will start at $899 instead of its current $999 price. That’s because the Plus-sized variant of the X will come in at $999 with a larger 6.5-inch screen. Meanwhile, a cheaper 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD panel will start somewhere around $700+.

Keep in mind, these are just guesses. But at the very least, they do seem pretty realistic. It’d make sense not to charge customers a full starting price of $1,000+ for the bigger iPhone since it makes the device seem less appealing compared to the smaller models. It also seems reasonable to believe the successor to this generation’s iPhone X will see a price cut to make it more affordable for more people. Finally, charging somewhere around $700 or $800 for a cheaper version of the iPhone X also makes sense for obvious reasons.

We still don’t know what the phones will be called, what they’ll look like, or what exactly Apple will pack inside their builds. For now, we’re left with a lot of questions that should get answered over the coming months.

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